Thursday, August 2, 2012

By The Numbers

Millions Billions Trillions Quadrillions Gazbillions: of fleas! have infested! our basement! Ugh. And that's all there really is to say about that. UGH. OMG. UGH.

1: husband is home for the summer. And managing the fleas. It's probably, almost, even WORTH the gazbillions of fleas, to have him here. I love summer break! (But I would still love it sans fleas! Even more! Just in case you're listening in, Universe. Geesh.)

2: kids are so goddamn much fun; I can't even tell you. I'm just a big, exploding heart, every day. Sometimes I wonder how I could spend the vast amount of time I do with these kids and still be so stinkin' enamored with them! Anyone else would be working my last nerve at -->

22+: hours of every day spent together. But I just keep loving them more!

18-24: months -my girl- is hilarious and amazing. I can't believe she ever won't be this perfect. I'm cool with her being less exhausting, though, and less likely to risk her life on the regular, during everyday situations. That part will be just fine.

4: yrs -my boy- was always my favorite age to teach. I used to say to my husband: It's all downhill after 4, man. The pinnacle of human awesomeness peaks at age 4. Sorry 'bout your luck, readers. I'm going to assume you're all well past your prime.

3rd: summer in a row we're going to the beach for a long, summer weekend. We have a tradition! We go on vacation! I feel like a real and proper grown-up. Also, I just eff love the beach!

Mad stuff (technically a number, by my qualifications): is getting organized this summer. That's all I'll say. Okay, fine, twist my arm: basement, attic, teaching supplies, kitchen, dining room turned classroom, baby clothes, photographs, books, toys, files and paperwork...okay, I have to stop and breathe deeply for a moment. Perhaps into a paper bag. No, I'll be fine. Just better to keep moving forward than to stop and survey the ridiculous landscape of possibility and it's attending responsibilities. And speaking of responsibility, I can't believe I'm -->

36!: In 4 years I'll be -->

40!: I have no idea what age means, at all. Which might even be for the best. Especially since I'm starting new in so many ways, and so that puts us back at -->

0:And speaking of 0, do you think -->

LOVE: could be the opposite of 0? I feel like maybe that's true, in some magical mathematical principle.