Monday, August 16, 2010

Memories in the Making

Over a week later, and he's still telling me:  I wanna go back a little cabin house, Mommy.  I wanna go beach.

Can you blame him?

We never went on vacation when I was a kid.  Too many children, too little money, parents who aren't particularly into traveling (and definitely not camping, which is one way to make it more affordable).  My mom used to say we spent our money on good food instead!  I never missed it, that old adage about not missing what you never had seeming true enough, but I love traveling.  And I think we may have found "our place".  This beach is less than an hour away from our home, and it costs less than a cheap hotel to stay in a cabin for a night.  I sense a vacation tradition in the making.  And something tells me my guys won't argue:

My feet are beginning to touch the ground.  This weekend we acknowledged fall approaching and finally got some things done around the house.  I'm catching up on laundry today and I mopped the floors.  My grandmother's silver has been polished, for the first time since I inherited it in the fall of '07.  So it won't be all beachy and dreamy round these parts for long.  But I'm still soaking up the summer while I can, and making memories.  They'll be some of our last as a family of three.  And maybe next summer we can introduce our little baby daughter to all the fun there is to be had at the little cabin house at the beach.  I know just the two year old to act as spokesperson--he's already proven he's cut out for the job!

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  1. sweetness. sounds like a new tradition in the making for sure. i can see why - beautiful!