Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christ Is In All of Us, Right?

After a long and stressful day at work I came home to change my daughter's explosive diaper. Noticing how far up her back it had travelled, how infinitesimally close it was to staining her freshly washed onesie, I was heard to utter the Lord's name in vain.

Of course the almost-three year old picked up on it. Of course.

You said 'Christ', Mommy?

Eager to correct my errant ways, or at least cover my ass for the time being, I replied: I did. I said a prayer to God. I'm asking 'Christ, please help me clean this mess'. (I take a generous view of those of us calling on the Lord in less than orthodox ways.)

My son, ever certain of his exalted place in the world, responded to my plea: No Mommy, not right now. I don't want to help.

Well, thanks anyway, kid. I wasn't previously aware of your divinity. Perhaps you can nip your sister's explosive diapers in the bud and we'll have more time for your regularly occurring temper tantrums there, Jesus Himself.

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