Friday, September 9, 2011

Twenty True Sentences and One Lie

  1. I complained about wanting throw pillows on my blog, and my mother-in-law visited and bought us beautiful new throw pillows.
  2. Even though she doesn't know I have a blog (I don't think...)
  3. She also bought us a carpet for our living room.
  4. Speaking of rooms, I rearranged our dining room tonight.
  5. And then sat in it and looked at the moon out the window from my grey computer chair w/wheels. I want to make a rule that the kids can't touch that chair; it's not safe (or it's safer not to) (or easier, for me) . But that rule won't fly; I can already tell. A chair with magical wheels (and aren't wheels just inherently magical?) must be touched. I will need a new rule that means: be safe, in the context of the magical wheely chair.
  6. It's been raining a lot lately.
  7. (Could that be the lie?) (Boring!)
  8. The smell of rain is in the air all the time; I love the smell of rain.
  9. A 4 year old girl around here died of a mosquito bourne-illness recently.
  10. Then they sprayed, locally, to kill all the mosquito larvae.
  11. Now my yard has hardly any mosquitoes.
  12. It's weird. But kind of awesome, not to have them there.
  13. For some reason, looking out my window at the trees makes me want to have sex with my husband right now.
  14. He's reading in the boy's room.
  15. Sometimes our son needs -or wants- one of us to sit in the armchair and read by the light of his nightlights while he falls asleep.
  16. Sometimes one or the other of us doesn't mind doing just that.
  17. My daughter is ferociously teething.
  18. I'm pretty sure I'm fatter than I've ever been.
  19. We skipped the State Fair this year.
  20. I have a "music center" in my hallway now, and it's all kinds of awesome.
  21. I am super tired lately. (Wouldn't it be nice if that were the lie?)

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