Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Snowed Yesterday; 80° Predicted Tomorrow. We Take What We Can Get.

~The Nook ~ 


Work in Progress...

Hello Hostas!

Forget Me Not!


  1. 50's this week and 80's this weekend, oh Momma Nature please pick a season and go with it.

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  3. i just re-opened my laptop after hours of being away and Ire-read that comment and NEEDED to fix the typos.

    gorgeous beginnings! those hostas are gorgeous. ours are popping up all over too. i'll be sure to get some more shots of our yard to share as the gardens fill in. that tree is such a great shape! some litte windchimes and ohhh.. maybe tiny white lights along the lower branches would be beautiful for drinking cooffee after dinner.


  4. and i still missed some. have i mentioned i hate my keyboard lately?