Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Ultimate Workout Goes Frankenstein on My Sore Ass

So I suckered one of my yoga classes into being guinea pigs for my ultimate workout.  They're a group of  middle aged women, and we've been working out together for over five years.  I talked it up, emphasizing the yoga-pilates connection, and de-emphasizing the ultimate ass-kicking part of things, and then let them vote on whether or not we would try it.  It was a unanimous yes.  Bwa ha ha!  I laughed to myself  My evil plot will prevail!  I will get paid to bust my ass into shape!  These women don't know what they're in for!

I came home and typed up a lesson plan, compared muscle groups used in strength training versus yoga moves to ensure a full-body workout, found a suitable musical selection.  Pretty much everything short of actually doing the workout myself.

The following week we did the workout.  They loved it!

I was sore for three days and wanted to die.

The middle aged women reported no soreness, and unanimously voted to continue doing the ultimate workout at every class from now on.  Oh, in the name of God! I have created a monster and it will destroy me!

1 comment:

  1. haha! you are gonna get in shape fast sister.
    careful what you wish for is a personal mantra for me. just a friendly reminder.