Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Day Weekend

Look what we found growing in our yard!  Just last weekend my mom took us berry picking in her backyard, where she has enough blackberry bushes to fill a bowl daily, or feed a hungry toddler all day long.  My son, when he saw them, said:  Gwan!  Bewwies!  Pick 'em!

But we didn't have enough in our yard to pick and eat with this birthday treat:

So we went with these instead:

And life was summery sweet:

Between the berries growing in the yard and this happening new hot spot, we're hoping the kiddo can take over some of the cooking from now on:

And that the birthday/holiday elves will arrive tonight to rescue the rest of the house from looking something like this:

Because we're just plum tired, after our relaxing weekend at home!  Early to bed tonight, sticky air sitting heavy on our limbs, breeze from every fan we own brushing over skin, sun kissed and wind dried, after lounging in a pool barely big enough for three.  Or should I say barely big enough for four-to-be:

What a lovely summer so far...


  1. nice! look at that shadow of a belly! are you guysgoing to find out the sex of the baby or wait for the big day? just curious re: your hunch.

  2. We'll find out! I'm hoping by the end of this week, although it might be too early, and I'll have to wait another month. I can't wait!