Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Ten...

...Reasons Why My Husband is on the Top of my Awesome List Today:

10.  He laughed and agreed when I told him he was required to be in a good mood for a full week because his school year ended last Friday, and if he failed, I would be permitted to whack him in the head with a rolled up magazine.

9.  Although he failed to make it through days 3 and 4 with good mood intact, he pulled out his best don't-call-it-a-comeback skills and rebounded for days 5 through 7.  I generously withheld the magazine whack, although I may or may not have reminded him of our agreement in a semi-threatening tone.

8.  He promised me that being a summertime SAHD for a turning-two year old would be smoother than being a SAHD for a turning-one year old was.  One week in, and it's clear he wasn't lyin'.  I'm breathing easier already.  Last summer was a lil' tough, y'all.

7.  He accepted a used car, that's really for our entire family, as not only a suitable birthday gift, but with much excitement and gratitude, for his upcoming birthday.

6.  He agreed to negotiate a deal for the car under the terms that the new payment would not, and could not, exceed the payment already in the budget for his old car.  He stayed at the dealership until that happened.

5.  He called me at work today to tell me that the morning had started off just fine, with toddler toe tickling in the bed where I left both of them sleeping to go into my office this morning.

4.  He agreed that cheeseburgers sounded better than pizza tonight, even though it was my turn to cook, and then went to the store, bought them, and grilled them for all of us.

3.  He agreed with my sudden and insistent idea that we needed to buy a new kiddie pool rather than try to fix the hot mess we got from freecycle.  And that the new kiddie pool needed to be purchased tonight.

2.  He cleaned the area we had cleared and spread with sand as a flat space for said pool when we discovered it had been adopted as litter box for neighborhood animals while the hot mess kiddie pool was awaiting repairs.

1.  And very best of all...he took us to three stores seeking the very, exact, perfect kiddie pool that I absolutely knew I needed right now, and definitely not, under any circumstances whatsoever, tomorrow.  And then bought twine (twine!) and affixed it to the top of the new family car/birthday gift in a big box parking lot, while being mildly ridiculed by multiple passersby, threatening -and, in fact, causing- injury to the paint job on the roof of the brand new (slightly used) birthday gift.  AND he allowed us to purchase it at Wal-Mart even though we are, and have been, boycotting Wal-Mart for a great many years now, because Mama needed kiddie pool, and Mama needed kiddie pool NOW, and Mama would be oh, so happy as soon as kiddie pool was purchased, but completely inconsolable up until that point.  It might be said that Mama was a bit of a pregnant, hormonal nut-case on the topic of highly coveted kiddie pool, but Husband handled it well, sacrificed vehicular roof paint, endured ridicule from the fine patrons of our local Wal-Mart, and performed a small miracle with twine and -because we had no scissors- a nail file, which was skillfully employed to cut the twine whenever necessary.  Kiddie pool is currently enjoying its new home in the specially created flat, sandy bed in the backyard, which has the additional benefit of being animal excrement-free.  And Husband is my very, very favorite, which works out quite well, as tomorrow is his birthday.  I shan't make him clean any animal excrement at all, save his own, as an additional gift above and beyond the family car sitting in our driveway.  In fact, I'm feeling so loving and generous, I think I'll invite him for a dip in a perfect little plastic kiddie pool.  I know just the place!

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