Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ReRun: A Metaphor for Winter

Scene:  My Inner Therapist's Office.  Winter's in one chair; I'm in another.  My Inner Therapist is gazing down her nose at us through cat frame eyeglasses.  We all look uncomfortable.

My Inner Therapist:  So we're here today because LazyBones *shuffling through intake paperwork* wrote some things on a blog?  Is that correct?  On the Internet?  And Winter, that made you feel.....well, why don't you tell us?  How did that make you feel?

Winter:  It made me feel terrible, just terrible.  *Sniff*  Can  I have a tissue?  I'm sorry, I just, this is very emotional for me.  The holidays always bring up a lot of emotions, and then this...this attack!  Out of nowhere!  I just...this is difficult.

MIT:  Take your time Winter, we're here.

Would you like to tell us more about these holiday emotions?

W:  Everyone wants me around for Christmas, and New Year's, but then it's just Poof!  Be Gone!  Like I'm not good for anything else!  It hurts!  Every year I give it my all, I give everything, and in the end I just...*whispers*...I just feel so used.

MIT:  LazyBones, how does it make you feel to hear what Winter is expressing here?

LazyBones:  Well damn, Winter, I wasn't trying to bring up all that.  I mean, it wasn't even personal!  It's like, you're just a metaphor, Winter.  A metaphor for the existential emptiness we all experience from time to time.  I was just using you as a metaphor...

W:  So you WERE using me!  I knew it.  I knew it.

LB:  Not like that!  I just wanted to express the melancholy and the rage I was feeling, and you seemed like a good symbol for that.  I'm sorry Winter.  I never meant to hurt you.

MIT:  This is good, this is good, we're airing our feelings here.  Winter, would you care to respond?

W:  It's hard for me to accept the apology after yesterday's post.  I was treated like a cheap floozy.  It's hard to come back from that.  LazyBones has proven that entertaining audience...comes before my feelings, and I don't think I'm ready to forgive that right now.  I'm more than a metaphor!  I am a season.  I deserve more.

LB:  More!?  More!?  You already get six months of the year, and Summer, Spring and Fall share the other six!  How is that fair?  When I lived in Arizona you barely got a month!  Now we're in upstate New York, you get six months and you deserve more!?  You take over half the year, and get all the major holidays and then you complain about being a metaphor?  Winter, I'm sorry, but when you take up six months worth of my psychic space, you end up as a metaphor.

And yesterday?  Okay, I came at you wrong.  You're not a cheap floozy; I'm just not ready to commit to you and--you're right--I shouldn't have tried sweet-talking you that way.  My Inner Playa came out as a metaphor for making up, and my metaphors got mixed.  I didn't meant to hurt you.

Besides, it's an honor to be a metaphor.  All the seasons have been metaphors for me.

W:  Really?  *dabs eyes*  Even Summer?

LB:  Yes, and I complain about Summer too.  She's stifling; she has a forced cheerfulness about her, and her expectations are always too high. 

MIT:  How does this change things for you, Winter?

W:  Well, I appreciate the apologies.  I do.  And now that I know Summer is a metaphor, I feel...better somehow.  Like it's not as personal as I thought before. I've been told I tend to make things all about me.

I guess I do need to learn to detach.  I've been working on that with my own therapist.

MIT:  Good Winter, good.  Keep that up.  And LazyBones, how are you feeling about our session today?

LB: I want to get along with Winter, I really do, but we've had issues all my life, this point, all I can say is I'll try. 

MIT:  Alright, good work you two, I feel like we really started a dialogue here.  We can continue this at our next session.  We'll leave it at that for today.

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