Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ReRun: Wooing Winter

C' mon baby.  It don't have to be like that.  I know I said ... some things ... the other day ... that maybe I shouldn'ta said, but you know how I get sometimes.  It didn't mean nothin'.  I'm still here, you see me right here, don't you?  You really think I'd spend 6 months outta every year with you, right here in CNY baby,  if I didn't have feelings for you?  I was just bloggin', baby, I was just tryin'a entertain, you feel me?  You know how it gets out there. 

But I'm here with you now, ain't I?

What, you need proof?  Look around my house!!!  What do you see?  FLEECE!  How much fleece I got up in my house, and you're gonna question my feelings for you just causa some shit on the Internet!?  You know you ain't supposed to believe everything you read on the Internet, anyway.  I got, I got...LAYERS!  Look at this: non-cotton for next to the skin so I keep that heat in, I got blankets stacked up from ceilin' to floor, I got, I got...hoodies!  How many hoodies I got right here in this room!?  And these is just for inside the house!

Winter, I am HERE!  I am here with you baby, right here, and I don't know what I gotta do to make you see that.

Okay, winter.....it's like that, then?  It's like that?  Okay, then.  I'ma remember this.  I'ma remember this, though, winter.  This shit ain't over, winter.  This ain't over.  You'll be hearing from me again.

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