Friday, February 11, 2011

This is a Boring Post

I hate fitness blogs. Not because I have anything against fitness, obviously, after all, it's my jobby (job/hobby) (more hobby than job these days). But because other people's workouts are boring. Who gives a crap about your workout! I can barely be bothered to keep up with my own!

So consider this fair warning: the title of this post ain't no lie. I'm 'bout to talk about my workout.

Here's the deal:

I read about the 30 Day Shred online, and it seemed to be the general consensus that it was one of the more intense, short, and effective workouts available via DVD. I bought it, and that much was true, but so was this: it wasn't enjoyable at all. At least to me. I'm more of a yoga/pilates girl; jumping jacks just don't motivate me to come back to the workout again and again.

So I stole the format: 2 minute warmup, 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs, repeat sequence twice, cooldown. And I replaced her moves with yoga, pilates and dance. I've written about this before, called it the ultimate workout. It's a great workout but it's only been done a handful of times, and mostly exists as a lesson plan on a piece of paper.

Since sometime in early January I've been doing it a few times a week after the kids go to bed, albiet a very gentle version--I do all the moves for the length of time the workout specifies, but I let myself do as much stretching, resting, nursing and other necessary interrupting as I need to throughout the workout. I just try to come back to it until I finish.

Lately, I've been having a hard time motivating myself to do the workout, even though I know it's a guarantee that I will feel great afterwards! What is up with that? I did it tonight for the first time on a few days and --as usual-- feel great. Both physically and it's a better mood lifter than anything else I've ever tried!

So at the end of this boring post, is a boring message to myself: If you're sitting there not doing your workout, for God's sake, get up and do it! You know you're going to feel great! What the heck's the matter with you?

To the rest of you: We will now return to our regularly scheduled mommyblog. Sorry for the interruption of what was, essentially, a PSA to myself. And in case you don't hate fitness blogs, here's my ultimate workout:

2 min: Sun Salutation

Circuit 1:
3 min Strength: Alternate Plank Pose & Warrior I
2 min Cardio: Alternate toe touches/sky reaches & standing Cat/Cow
1 minute Abs: Pilates Hundred

Circuit 2:
3 min Strength: Alternate Revolved Triangle & Warrior II
2 min Cardio: Alternate squat/twist/reach & plie w/side stretches
1 min Abs: varies, today was Pilates Rolling Like A Ball

Circuit 3:
3 min Strength: Alternate Bow Pose and Bridge Pose
2 min Cardio: Repeat each from Circuit 1 & 2
1 min Abs: varies, today was Pilates Single Leg Stretch

Supposed to be head to toe stretches, but I just do whatever I want here. Usually hanging out in Standing Forward Bend.

Adds up to 20 minutes plus whatever you spend cooling down. I usually do it in more like 30 minutes if I don't stop for the baby (just extra stretching and taking my time getting through it) or 45 minutes if I stop to nurse.

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