Saturday, May 22, 2010

Conversations With The Toddler

In the Dining Room Before Leaving for the Day

Mommy, I want apple.

That's not an apple, that's an orange.  And I packed one in your bag.  You can have it when you get to the babysitters, but not now.  It's time to go now.


Yes, there's an orange in your bag.  No orange now. 
*Turns away for a millisecond to pick up bags*

Mommy!  Owange!  I peel!  Gawbage?  Mess!


 In the Car on the Way to the Babysitter


Yes, sweetie?

I want Cheewios.

I don't have Cheerios, but I packed Kix for you.  Are Kix okay?

Cheewios ow okay.


In the Living Room in the Afternoon

Okay, I put these all away, so please don't make a... *sigh* *head in hands*

Mommy?  A mess!  *squats down, shuffling hands side to side, to further mess the mess*

*shakes head side to side*

Mommy?  I yike mess!  Is good!  Yook Mommy!  A mess!  *happiest face ever*


In the Rocking Chair before Bed

Sweetie, do you want to get in your bed, or rock for one more song?

I want wock.

Okay, we'll rock for one more song.  Then it's time for beddy-bye.


Yes, baby, you'll have to get in bed after this song, and go sleepy.

Mommy?  I say no.


  1. happiest face ever, I like mess too.

  2. mommy, i say no. those might be the scariest words ever. i love his personality. is this karma?!