Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Upside of Pink Eye

I awoke yesterday morning to find my left eye glued shut with an immediately familiar concoction of gunk.  It's easily been over twenty-five years since I last had pink eye, but it's amazing how quickly I could identify the sensation.  I opened my right eye, tried and failed to open my left, and then thought:  Uh-oh, I have pink eye.

I couldn't get into the doctor until late morning, and didn't start my prescription until yesterday afternoon, so she told me I could "absolutely not" go to work today, spreading the "highly contagious" pink eye all willy-nilly amongst the infants and toddlers in my charge (one of whom most assuredly spread it to me in the first place!).  At first I was disappointed about this, because it meant leaving my favorite co-worker on her own in an already understaffed classroom, and two days missing on my next paycheck (oops, three; I have next Monday off.  Boo!  And Yay!).

But then my husband reminded me that it was going to be in the 80s and sunny, and that the beach is only free for the rest of this week, until they start charging admission over Memorial Day weekend.  Then I didn't feel so disappointed anymore.  Wednesday afternoon we got a little preview with the sprinkler in our yard:

And today we spent the morning at the beach:

My normally cautious, careful boy went running into the water, full speed ahead, right up to his neck, and when he inevitably tumbled under and I had to fish him out, he came up laughing.  So there was some navigating of deeper waters:

There was more than a little bit of this:

And some of I'm-not-sure-what-the-heck-this-right-here was:

And some eating of bagels and cream cheese, which is a surprisingly beach-friendly and delicious treat, so long as no one drops it in the sand or in the water (which, surprisingly, we didn't!):

There was also a changing of a dirty and disgusting swim diaper in a Target parking lot, but I decided against capturing that moment for posterity.  You're very welcome.  All in all, it was a glorious summery sick day, well worth every red, itchy-eyed moment.

Now let's just hope no one else catches pink eye from me.

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