Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Letter of Apology to Second Wave Feminists

Dear Second Wave Feminists,

I apologize for reducing the scope of your wide ranging social interests and influence to: like, meetin' up, bein' ambitious, and runnin' the world and stuff in my recent blog post entitled: In Which I Solve the Mommy Wars.

I acknowledge the enormity of your vision, and the uphill battles you fought so that I could take for granted a great many of the things I take for granted today.  I stand upon your shoulders, my foremothers, and like daughters to their mothers throughout herstory, complain, bitch and moan about the view all the while digging my feet in trying to find a more comfortable place for myself.

I recognize that you were fighting for the betterment of all womenkind when you fought your way into the man's world of work: paid employment, professional satisfaction, personal fulfillment, all available NOW (or rather: THEN) at your nearest employment opportunity!  And all for what?  So your ungrateful daughters could take those opportunities, and stir them into some strange cultural stew of pole dance aerobics classes, competitive unpaid parenting, and blowhard bloggers proud to publicly proclaim laziness all while mocking our mothers for their big dreams (anybody wanna be a hedge funder?), outdated ideas (you can have it ALL at the SAME TIME!) and poor fashion sense (unshaven underarms anyone?).*

Such are the ways of the world, my radical foremommas; we roll our eyes in rebellion against our parents just as our children will someday turn scornfully away from us.  Such are the ways of the world.  But just for the record, I know you were about more than just like, meetin' up, bein' ambitious, and runnin' the world and stuff.

*I sported unshaven armpits for a number of years, which automatically earns me a ghetto pass to freely ridicule others for this same behavior.  Yes, it does too!

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