Monday, February 1, 2010


February is red and pink, a color combo my sister, the one who's our Roomie now, used to wear in all her childhood pictures, and which we never tire of giggling and teasing her about.

February is the month of love.

It's my third sister's birthday month, the Blondie.  She's traveling to Ireland, to stay the night in a castle on her birthday.  So February can be green and pink this year, which heralds the coming of spring.

February is winter break for teachers in NY; it's a vacation month.  I get a week off this month!

Today is the first day of February and it's sunny out.  The snow is crisp, white and clean today, glimmering in the sunlight.

February is Eighteen Months, and Eighteen Months is fucking hilarious so far!  Eighteen Months seems like it will be a lot of fun; thus, February is Fun.

January is Hell Month at my job (second only to June).  January is over.  I'm back to part-time starting today.  Hello, afternoon at home!  Hello, February!

February is Groundhog's Day, which is wonderful for two reasons:
  • We have groundhogs who live in our yard, one giant Groundhog in particular, in a frightening series of burrows dug throughout the property.  I hate him every other month of the year.  But seriously, in February?  Isn't it awesome to have your very own Groundhog?  It's the one month of the year I can appreciate his annoying ass! 
    • An old, dear friend is expecting a baby, her third, her first boy, any day now, and he has been dubbed The Groundhog since his due date was first announced.  Welcome to the world, little Groundhog!
    Welcome, February.  I'm glad you're here.

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