Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little Bit o' Cabin Fever

Who in the frickin' frack decided mid-February would be a good time for a vacation?  Or wait, it would be, if we were actually going on vacation.  But who decided it would be a good time for a staycation?  In cold-ass Upstate New York?  And home repairs?  Is that person crazy?  Painting the dining room, replacing the kitchen faucet, tossing the old garbage disposal, and rearranging the entire kitchen?  Double-you Tee Eff, person?

Wait, me?  That was my idea?  What in the frickin' frack is wrong with me, and, seriously, why would anyone take my advice on home repairs?  I am notoriously naive in these matters, routinely biting off more than I can chew, and then complaining copiously about the details while my wonderful husband bears the brunt of the burden.  Although since bearing the baby, it's probably a toss-up whose job is tougher now.  He may be the home repair realist, but I'm toting a toddler overflowing with energy everywhere I go in the frigid winter weather while half the house is effectively off-limits.

The dining room is coming along nicely, I should let you know.  I picked a lovely silvery grey color.  We bought a pint and did test squares.  It was beautiful.  Husband outlined all four walls, around the doors and windows.  Perfect!  I painted the first two walls.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Then finished the next two.  Whaaa?  Where did this blue color come from?  What's going on here?

Nothing against blue.  It's actually my favorite color.  It's just: white wainscoting with silvery grey: modern, maybe even edgy; it will go perfectly with this black and white photo theme thing I have going on in my mind.  White wainscoting with pale blue?  Nantucket.  Nothing against Nantucket.  It's just not what I was going for.  But once we painted the cream wainscoting bright white, whaddaya know, the blue turned back to grey!  Or mostly, anyway.  Weird.

And no, I haven't spent way too much time sitting in said dining room round the clock watching the color change with the changing shadows and light of the sun, nor have I been rolling the dial of the adjustable overhead lighting back and forth between my fingers while squinting at the color obsessively trying to see how the light affects the color like this is some introductory art class and I'll fail completely if I get this one question wrong, OMG I can't fail, I JUST CAN'T FAIL!!!  Not doing that at all.  Why do you even ask?

In other news, I am a lion.  That's right, a lion who will GRRROAR..... EAT..... YOU..... UP!!!  See, my toddler has a touch o' the cabin fever too, and for some reason isn't nearly as interested as his mother in the effect of light and shadow on paint shades, and so there has been some whining and complaining, and it seems the best way to cope with whining and complaining is to morph into a lion, drop to my knees, growl and roar and chase and tackle and GRRROAR..... EAT..... YOU..... UP!!!

So this week I am a pondering, wandering lion, vacationing in the winter wild of Nantucket, seeking solace in blue grey walls while it is too cold to be out under blue grey skies, and alternately hunting for prey and performing home repairs.

And, yes, I suppose it's entirely possible that winter is making me a little crazy.  Just a little.

Anybody up for pulling an all-nighter where we hotly debate minute differences between shades of blue and grey while adjusting the overhead lighting repeatedly to add nuance and new, important points to our in-depth discussion?


I don't know, I'm pretty sure you guys are the crazy ones here, not me.  How could you pass on an opportunity like this?  Plus, it's really not a good idea to refuse me anything I ask for right now.  You never know, I might just GRRROAR..... EAT..... YOU..... UP!!!


  1. cabin fever reigns here as well. i have been taking my frustrations out by baking a lot of fattening things. like homemade bread. and lemon squares. and roaming the internet. and the roaring, hilarious. We probably live in the same weather belt, we are in eastern ontario, about 1.5 hours from Watertown!

  2. i left you a long winded comment back on my blog, that i now realize I could have left here. comments confuse me. ignore :)