Sunday, February 21, 2010


If checking items off your to-do list is successful, then this vacation was extremely successful.  If actually being on vacation in some meaningful way, shape or form is required for being a successful vacation, then: EPIC FAIL! 

Seriously though, our dining room looks really good.

And we're so freakin' exhausted we cannot believe we have to go to work tomorrow, and that the world is so unfair!

And we can't decide if we should go Hog Wild: House Style again over April break or take it way easier and accomplish less at a pace that's easier on us as a family.

I know we need to take it slower as I walk through every room in the house.....until I get to the dining room.  And then I see what a huge difference we made by busting ass for a week straight,  and I'm all:  WE TOTALLY NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN!  POUR ME SOME COFFEE!

So I guess we shall see.  But for now: no coffee; for now: sleep.


  1. yay for renovations that allow you to enjoy your home! but boo for all the actual work/million trips to the store/$/mess/cleaning that is involved. oh, and the decision-making. not a strong point of mine, the decisions. we renovated a tonne of our little 1950s 2 storey with the help of a contractor 2 years ago. so nice now, but it is a process! I should go look for some old posts and share the changes on my bloggity blog. Its still changing... does it ever stop?! Repainting the bathroom is next up on the list <= see.

    So what are you doing next?! (fun!)
    Any pics?!!

    Oh, and thanks for the comment - my reply will come soon-ish over there :)

  2. I know, we have friends who remodeled their entire house before they had any kids, so it would be done when the babies came, and now they have a 2 year old and they're sick of all the colors and repainting everything! It never ends!

    Next we're thinking of painting the hallway and replacing wiring/light fixtures/outlets there (the whole house needs to be rewired), and also possibly painting the bedroom. I will get some pics as soon as my new curtains come back from the tailor's at the end of this week & we get our artwork hung on the walls! Soon, I hope!

    Yes, show us all your home improvements! I love pics of what other people are doing--so inspiring!