Monday, June 28, 2010

For Someone Determined to Leave Traveling Behind...

For someone determined to leave traveling behind, I manage to do an awful lot of it.  Drove east across New York State last weekend to celebrate an anniversary:

Then west across New York state, this past weekend, for a bachelorette:

Except for me, who was more like:

Ha!  Just joking.  I just couldn't resist that picture.  I only stayed for the first hour of the party but I was quite happy and content, because not only did I have plenty of old friends to catch up with, but there were also plenty of these, to console me about all the wine I wasn't drinking:

 And now we're thinking of driving to Boston next weekend, to celebrate the fourth of July, in this:

It's my hubby's new car, and you know what sold me on it?  The part of the review that read:
"Overall, this would be a fine vacation hauler for a young family."
Except we got an '09 instead of a '10.  Woot woot for the slightly used car!  That's still under warranty!  Apparently I am destined for the open road, no matter my proclaimed feelings on the matter.  But Boston is far from a certainty, at this point.  Just a possibility.  After all, we've been traveling the past two weekends, and then we fly down south for a week, which will involve a multi-state road trip on top of a plane ride, in two weeks.  And then we're going to Connecticut in late August for my sister's wedding.   But who wouldn't want to be in Boston for the fourth?  To see these:

Oh boy.  The travel bug has bitten.  It's an addiction, and I don't know if I'll ever recover.  What's worse, I'm not even sure if I want to.

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