Monday, June 7, 2010

Memes, High School, Handwriting, and Destiny's Child Rewritten

The first time I heard of a meme, it had nothing to do with the internet.  It was a magazine article about how ideas spread throughout cultures. I found it fascinating.  I remember that it relied heavily on "The Simpsons" as evidence for the existence of memes.

The first time I ever met NES, it was the first day of ninth grade.  I came from a small, Catholic school.  She came from a small, Jewish school.  We met outside our large, public, inner city high school, and we had no idea how to find the classroom for role call.  It turned out to be in the basement.  We turned out to be friends who, lo and behold, are still friends some twenty years later.  Twenty years!?  But yes, this fall.  Wow!  We are clearly much too young for that number to make any sense whatsoever.

The first time I heard that some schools are neglecting to teach cursive, I debated my husband and sister, who were horrified by this idea, and practically proclaimed it the end of civilization as we know it (okay, perhaps I exaggerate slightly).  I kept coming back to: who cares!  As you can see below, I'm all about the cursive/print hybrid.  This is a particularly messy sample, as my toddler was celebrating my apparent resemblance to a jungle gym by climbing me while I wrote.

Wanna join the meme?  Consider this an open invite, and see below for the rules of the game!  Write on!

Write down the following, snap a picture (or scan the document), post it, and tag others.

1. Name/Blog Name

2. Right handed, left handed or both

3. Favorite letters to write: I was stuck here.  I like loopty loops, but even I'm not entirely sure what that last letter is.  W?  U?

4. Least favorite letters to write:  That last letter is supposed to be a capital Q.  No clue how to make one, except that it looks like the number 2.  And I don't like it. 

5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

6. Write in caps:

7. Favorite song lyrics:  This is a song I made up, after hearing Destiny's Child sing "Jumpin' Jumpin'" on the radio with my son.  It's my favorite song today, mainly because it is carved into my brain like a surgeon professionally implanted it.  I figured I shouldn't be teaching him about ballas with full-grown pockets quite yet.  Our version goes:
Baby, leave your mama at home/ Playground's full of kids and they got toys of their own/ Baby, leave your daddy at home/ It's 11:30 and the playground's JUMPIN' JUMPIN'!
8. Tag 7 people:  I am a terrible tagger, but that's why I issued an open invite!  Happy handwriting!

9. Any special note or drawing:  I doodle my name ALL the time.  Either I'm a failed graffiti artist, still practicing my tag in vain, or I'm a narcissist.  I blog.  You decide.

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  1. ooh, i may have to play. and i love your lyrics. i have dog versions i sing to the evil hound sisters.