Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Conversations with the Toddler

In the Backyard in the Morning

Me:  That's your pool!  Daddy's filling it up, and then we can get in it, and go swimming!

Toddler:  Is hot, Mommy.

Me:  I know baby, it's hot.  But we'll feel better when we go in the pool, okay?

Toddler:  I want go in a cool.  Is my cool!  Hi dada!  Hi cool!


In the Dining Room in the Afternoon

Toddler: I want dwink!

Me:  That's Mommy's drink.  You can have a sip.  It's ginger ale.

Toddler:  Yum Mommy!  Dwinda dwoll good!  I want a dwinda dwoll!

Me:  It's in the kitchen.

Toddler:  I want a dwinda dwoll in a kinitch!


In The Kitchen in the Evening

Toddler:  I want cookie.

Husband, looking in the cupboard:  Hmmm ... this is where I usually hide my candy...

*A snickers bar tumbles out of the cupboard*

Me:  You hid that from me!?  That's EVIL!

Toddler:  I want evil!

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