Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Year's Totally Unrealistic and Overzealous Resolutions: Report Card

So my New Year's Resolutions last year were a bit over the top.  But I did rework them over the course of the year to make them more realistic.  Let's see how I did:

Originally:  Start both a business AND a blog!  Maybe a few blogs: mommyblog, business blog, teaching blog, the possibilities are endless!  Post every day!  Sign up an entire roster of clients for my business!  Work with them daily, incorporating my son seamlessly into my business model!  Keep my day job and continue mothering, wife-ing and house-wife-ing (I've got an equal househusband, so this should be cake, right?)!

Later scaled down to:  Start either a small business (one client would suffice) OR a blog (as long as there's a post before 2010, it counts).

And:  Check!  Not the right economic climate for starting a business, and not the right time for me to do it, personally.  Finally got around to the blog in November.  And I have to say, it was definitely the New Year's Resolution that forced me to do it.  I only had two months left and I knew my business was a bust before it began, so I'd better get to writing!
     Originally:  Not only will I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I will get below it, and be in the best shape of my life, incorporating cardio, dance, weight-training AND mind-body into my routine.  Also, drop a bunch of the exercise classes I'm teaching so I have more time with my family.  Soooo, maybe breastfeeding will just melt that weight away!  Or I'll pick up a bunch of new fitness hobbies, like skiing and ice skating.  Maybe I'll do fitness DVDs?  One way or another, I'll look and feel better than ever before!  Notice the appealing vague fuzziness and inherent contradiction of this resolution.  Yeah.  Foreshadowing, anyone?

    Later Scaled Down To:  Never really got scaled down, or squared with reality.  I dropped a bunch of my exercise classes, and then did nothing in their place.  My son decided he hated his jogging stroller and would prefer to scream without ceasing than to enjoy a nice walk in the neighborhood.  I worked longer hours all summer and then came home to relieve my poor husband from all day baby duty.  Then fall came, the weather cooled and I decided to try to get pregnant again, so I was snuggling in at home for delicious romantic dinners with the hubby and whoever said coitus burns a lot of calories was probably behind that myth about breastfeeding melting the baby weight away as well.  That lying bastard!   

    So:  Fail!  And even worse:  In the last few months instead of getting pregnant I've eaten my way back up to the same weight I was when I was released from the hospital.  Right after giving birth.  Almost eighteen months ago.  Ouch.  Epic Fail.  I'll be, um, tweaking this goal for this year.
      Originally:  Send a beautiful, personally created photo album to every member of both sides of our extended families each and every month this year, accompanied by a personally crafted letter. 

      Later scaled down to:  Send some pictures to our parents and grandparents every month or so.

      And still:  Mostly Fail.  I think I did this twice.  This is last year's overzealous resolution that morphed into this year's monthly scrapbook for every extended family member, depicting the various stages of my son's growth complete with coordinating background layouts and adorable labeling.  I do have a few ideas about how to scale this down to something feasible.   Maybe I'll aim for seasonal instead of monthly (yeah, that still won't happen).  Or get a family Facebook page or something (now I've got my thinking cap on!).  But seriously, wouldn't those monthly albums/scrapbooks be so cute?  I do love me some New Year's Resolutions that envision a whole new life revolving around a skill-set I do not even possess, and a commitment level I have never previously demonstrated.  It's the imagination that keeps us young, people!

      And Speaking of the Imagination...

      ...Bonus Totally Unrealistic and Overzealous Resolution for This Year:  I will write a Cookbook.  Yes, it's true I don't cook anything but pizza, and I've only been cooking pizza for the past few weeks of my life, but I have a fabulous idea for a cookbook anyway.  It will incorporate local, organic, seasonal foods, and my husband and sisters will test-cook everything before publication (on me of course!).  I'm seeing bright, colorful photographs by the SuperSpouse and a sales rack at our Farmer's Market.  Needless to say, I'll be raking in the dough.  It's a very popular Cookbook, or will be as soon as it hits the streets.  Yes, I originally said I'd write it in a week, but I'm already backpedaling (It's not even January 1st yet.).  By this time next year I'll have decided that as long as I've planned one recipe for my unwritten Cookbook we'll call it good.

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        1. I like that cookbook idea, especially the part that involves other people cooking.