Monday, December 28, 2009

Offroading and Other Possible Topics

Because I am a list maker, and because I am too scatterbrained to focus on a single post this evening:
  • Traveling:  Hated It!  (Disclaimer:  Family:  Lovin' them!  Just hate traveling!)    
  • Got Fat:  Whoops! 
  • Owning Things/Anxiety/New Year's Purge/Aarrgghh!/Aaaahhhh!
  • Back Home: Snowed in!  Lovin' it!  Snow, You Beautiful Devil, You!
  • Resolutions: Last Year's Delusional Drunken Elderly Fellow versus This Year's Overly Earnest Spiritual Seeker
  • Being In The Body:  Yoga as Spiritual Exercise
  • Real Gifts Attempt #1:  Hardware Store
  • Real Gifts Attempt #2:  Cable?
  • Totally Unrealistic and Overzealous Resolutions:  Scrapbookin' for everyone important in my entire life, monthly.  Doesn't it sound like such a good plan though?  I am always so single-minded and disciplined in my Unrealistic and Overzealous Resolutions.  I like to have at least one each year.  Two this year:  Writing a Recipe Book This Week.  If you know me, you know this is hilarious.  But I am SO excited about my Recipe Book, you guys!  It's going to be awesome.
Oh, and about our getting-on-the-road-plan from my last post?  I am pleased to announce that we got on the road at 2:15, making us a scant 15 minutes late for the plan, which I am more than pleased with.  I keep my standards low;  I'm happy more often.  It's win-win.  Happy New Year Everyone!  I'll try to return to the list above for elaboration when my brain has settled back in for a long winter's nap.  Any requests?

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