Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Schedules, Real and Imagined

My Current, Actual Daily Schedule:

6:30-8:30:  The Morning Routine:  I get ready for work; Sunny either sleeps (Thank You God!) or relentlessly dogs me (Why Me Lord?) while I weave through the house dodging his grip & packing our things.  Hubs leaves at 6:45, so we pass like ships in the way-too-early-morning.  This is the time when we tiredly tell each other tidbits that later we insist:  I'm pretty sure you never mentioned that to me.  Well I don't remember it at all.  Then I drop Sunny at sitter's & head to work.
8:30-12:30: Work.
12:30-4: Pick up Sunny, head home and it's naptime for the kiddo!  Lunch, coffee, blog/read, clean house/do the neverending supply of laundry that we manage to accumulate for me.
4: Hubs home; we chill a bit together & chat, joined by the little one whenever he wakes up.
5:  I feed Sunny dinner & do bath/jammies while Hubs makes our dinner.
6: Sunny plays while we eat & then get ready for the next day.
7/8, depending:  Sunny goes down sometime in here depending on his nap that day.
8-whenever:  Hubs and I spend quality time catching up with each other & discussing important current events (by which I mean watching "The Office" on DVD).
5:40-7:20:  I go teach yoga while hubs does bath duty; we eat leftovers (which I just heard referred to as lefties & I totally need to adopt that) when I get home, then move directly to quality time with Jim, Pam & the 'Nard-dog.

My Ideal, Imagined Daily Schedule:

6-9: Wake up, brush teeth, throw on workout gear & teleport immediately to a yoga studio (or perhaps it's next door & I just walk), ready to begin my session by 6:15.  Yes, I want the first three hours of the day for this.  I may not do yoga the whole time.  I might toss in a little Pilates or strength training.  Heck, I could learn some tai chi & ballet too.  So I'll need three hours & at least two instructors.  Plus that studio next door or a teleporter.  Plus, in ideal-land, I actually get up at 6 without pressing snooze or hating the world with a deep, abiding passion, which would be an unfortunate attitude to bring to morning yoga practice.
9-1:  This is ideal-land, so I go to work here, same job, but I get to bring my son.  I work with parents, infants & toddlers, so it's not so far-fetched, but I would need someone to watch him while I do my planning & officework. 
1-4:  The whole nap, lunch, coffee, blog/read setup is pretty sweet, so I'll keep that, but in ideal-land someone else cleans my house.  And they do a far better job than I, introducing such concepts as regular dusting & steam you steam clean.  Also, in ideal-land the Hubs gets home at 1pm too & has a few hours to work on his art.
4-5/6, depending:  We do something outdoors--weather permitting--or something fun that we can't currently afford, as a family.  In ideal-land we can easily afford all of the great ideas we come up with!  Plus we come up with many, many great ideas.  During this time someone else makes us dinner.  Hubs likes to cook, but if someone else did it every day & he could save it for special occasions, I don't think he would complain.
6:  Dinner as a fam, followed by bathtime for the tyke, which I like to do, but again: perhaps not every day.  In ideal-land random household help abounds!
7:  Bedtime for the little one; but he can stay up til 8 if he's really cute.
7/8-whenever:  Par-tay! (by which I mean watching "The Office" on DVD)


  1. This is such a coaching exercise! I ask my clients before we start, even, to describe their ideal week, but an ideal day goes even deeper into discovering what you want out of life. Any way to take anything from your ideal day & bring it in to your real day? Unfortunately, I think the teleporter is the only "definitely not gonna happen"....

  2. I didn't realize until I reread this today how close they actually are, the real and the ideal! And there probably are a few things I could start to move toward in the ideal. At the very least I could prank call my neighbors and whisper: if you build it, they will come, YOGA STUDIO! I'll get right on that.